We finalised the challenging process of designing Visum Villas, coming from the latin word meaning 'view', consisting of 50 residences formed from 7 different plan types. These villas are located on top of one of the most beautiful hills in Gündoğan, Bodrum, which is the perfect place to watch the sunset.


Our biggest goal was to make each of these 50 residences witness a visual feast. This was the most important factor in determining the typology.


We tried to take the advantage of sunlight and wind in the best way possible. To intervene as little as possible with the natural inclination causing this magnificent view was in our design criteria as well. We protected all existing flora on the land. The investor company Turqua’s support helped us greatly while designing a nature-focused project. Stones coming out of excavation were used in the construction of retaining walls.


We worked hard in order to make a humble and useful project and to adapt the phrase “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Visum Villas


Visum Villas

Type of Project:





Under Construction


50 Housing Blocks


27.000 m²


Bodrum, Turkey


Turqua Construction


Lignum Design

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