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"The Cocoon"

For this project, students were asked to design a City and Architecture Center in Beyoglu, one of the most important centers of the city, assuming that an old television building would be demolished.

I wanted to create a "cocoon" form, representing the demolition of the old television building turning into a more charming new project.

In this cocoon structure, I placed the architectural museum and conference hall which are the main functions of the project.

The point where the cocoon structure integrates well with the function is the glass area in front which has an uninterrupted view of the Golden Horn, one of the oldest and most historical settlements of Istanbul. This fulfills the function of "architectural exhibition". Furthermore, the construction system stabilizing the conference hall at the core of the cocoon is also exposed as an exhibition item.

I designed the long building at the back in a way to reflect the surrounding historical texture of the street. Furthermore, this building provides a plain background to the cocoon form when viewed from below.

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