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Hello there!


I am Mine Kavasogullari.


I was born in 1989 in Cyprus.

Having spent my childhood there, I had to navigate my way through challenges and limitations of continuous political conflict. Participating in UN-Organised bi-communal activities in sports and arts were my way of uniting with the rest of the world.


Inspired by the passion my mother and my uncle had for architecture, watching their elaborate drawings, the artistic visions and of course all the colourful pens,

I decided to pursue architecture as a career myself.


I still remember how researching “Iconic Historical Buildings” for my highschool history class, made me discover the infinite architectural universe out in the world. Everything seem interconnected.


My first two years at the Faculty of Architecture in Yildiz Technical University however made me question my decision. The dry technicality of the classes made me realise that I needed a deeper meaning in things. At some point I even considered transferring to the social sciences to study sociology and philosophy.  In this period of doubt,  Architectural Design 5 came to the rescue. Suddenly it all clicked! I learnt not just how intertwined architecture is with sociology, psychology and philosophy but also that it has power to shape societies. I was fascinated by architecture once more.


Starting my career after graduating in 2011 has not been easy. Particularly in a  demanding city like Istanbul. After gaining experience in several architectural offices it was clear to me that I wanted to do things differently. Thus in 2015, Lignum Design, my own architecture and design office was born. I had the opportunity to expand my design experience to other fields including graphic design, full-fledged corporate branding, decorative art design as well as interior design. The “continuity in design language” was my motto in everything I did.


I believe that good design is both restricting and liberating, but taking new steps every day to expand the boundaries of my artistic vision and developing myself further are what make life fun.

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